Meet Some of the Children

Bodhi Tree kids in tow with sign.jpg

It's easy to say that every Child is Special.

But we really do believe it!

So please come and meet some of our truly special children. 

mithun happy on tricycle.jpg


Mithun is seven year old boy from an underprivileged community of Bodhgaya.

As with a majority of parents, his Mum & Dad are also agricultural labourers.

He has moderate level of mental retardation.

His assessment reflects 75 percent retardation while his IQ. is 43.


Chhotu is an extremely cheerful eight year old child from a underprivileged family.

His father works in the city like many daily wage workers. His mother takes care of him.

He has been assessed as having moderate level of disability by interdisciplinary team.

He has 60 percent disability with an IQ of 55.

chhotu learning to swim.jpg

Nitu_ getting physio care.jpg


Nitu is from Bholabigha village in Bodhgaya.

She is very sweet and humble. The Multidisciplinary team has assessed her disability at 60 percent with IQ of 66.

She, like many other children, come from an impoverished family that live below the poverty line.

prince with ball at pool.jpg


Prince is from Gangahar village of Bodhgaya. His IQ is 79 with 25 percent disability.

His family is destitute and work as farmers. 

Eight year old Prince is responding very well to our therapies and practices.

He is humorous and cheerful.



Anchal is from Badaki Babhani village with potential learning learning disability.

She is from a family of agricultural labourer.

Seven year old Anchal is now at our School for children with special needs.



Satyam is from an extremely poor family from the Shekhwara village of Bodhgaya.

He is 14 years old and has a moderate level of mental disability.

His disability has been assessed to 75 percent with an IQ of 43.

He only has his mother to take care of him. He is doing very well.

acting_aryan_very small file.jpg


Aryan is an 8 year old boy with down syndrome from Dhanawa village of Bodhgaya.

His mother is a housewife while his father earns a little money to support the family.

puja loves the slide.jpg


Puja is 15 year old girl from Gangahar village. She has a brother as well with mental retardation.

Apart from her Mental retardation, she also needs physiotherapy intervention.

kudan coming down the slide.jpg


Seven year old Kundan has moderate level of mental retardation. He has been assessed with 75 percent disability with IQ 42.

Kundan is from Dhanawa village of Bodhgaya. Both of his parents are labourers.



Seven year old Kajal is at border line of disability. She is from Gangahar village. Her parents are also agricultural labourers and are from disadvantaged community. The majority of the children with special needs are from economically down-trodden communities.


vikash tries on his first pair of runners.jpg


Vikash has 25 percent disability with 75 IQ. He is from extremely poor family. Apart from mental retardation he is deaf and dumb.

Here he is trying on his very first pair of shoes.

Manju ready for an excursion.jpg


Manju is also a girl with special needs. She has mild level of mental retardation.

Her retardation has been assessed 60 percent with IQ60.

Chhotu_Shekhwara_2_ COMING DOWN THE SLIDE.jpg


Chhotu is seven year old and his parents are agricultural labourers. He was severely malnourished from disadvantaged class of rural outskirts of the district. He is having moderate level of mental retardation. His disability has been assessed by multidisciplinary team. He has categorized with 75 percent with 46 IQ. 

tulsi_very small file.jpg


Tulsi has severe mental retardation. His IQ is 23 while mental retardation is 90 percent.

He loves to sing!