We have year round opportunities for Volunteering at our resident Volunteer center in Bodhgaya India. Volunteer activities center around helping at our Bodhi Tree schools and working on projects in the nearby villages. While learning new skills can be beneficial, the most valuable abilities you can bring to any volunteer effort are compassion, an open mind, and a desire to help.

There are several options available for Volunteering

Volunteer opportunities can last from 1 week to 3 months. The average time for most Volunteers is two to four weeks, shorter times are possible if space is available, and we also have longer resident internship options of 6-12 months.

Our Volunteer Project Co-ordinators in India speak English and all local languages. All income generated from our Volunteer programs goes directly into the projects the Foundation runs.

Bodhgaya is marvelous cultural Experience

Bodhgaya is the historical location where Shakyamuni Buddha reached enlightenment while meditating underneath the Bodhi Tree. Bodhgaya is the most visited of the main four historical sites related to the life of Shakyamuni Buddha. In 2002, the MahaBodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bodhgaya is a fascinating area, you will be within short distance of the MahaBodhi temple where the original Bodhi Tree is located. Our staff will take you to visit local historical sites and you will have plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture’s food, flavor and color.

Key Points to Know About Our Volunteer Program

The Foundation provides many full-time jobs for the local population. – Volunteer efforts support and supplement our staff, rather than replace it. Volunteers enhance an already functioning strong core program.

Volunteer efforts are coordinated to ensure that there is continuity and a high quality outcome for all programs. Local cultural traditions are respected by the Foundation and all Volunteer activities reflect this.

The strong respect that is fostered between Volunteers and the children / locals encourages recipients of assistance to develop higher self-esteem and confidence in their own ability to attain greater prosperity. Our programs center around the idea that everyone can help – the people who are receiving help now know they are preparing to help others in the near future.

Our Volunteers come away from their experience with deep satisfaction and pleasure in their close bonds with the children, community and staff. They feel valued for their contribution and develop friendship that can last a lifetime. Because of this, we have many Volunteers who return every year and are greeted with a very warm welcome. To learn more, click the 'button' above and / or fill in the Volunteer Inquiry Form 'below'.

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